Sunday, 9 September 2012

It's nearly Oktoberfest time!!

As a child, one of my main motivators for learning German was Oktoberfest. I was fascinated by the traditional outfits, the huge glasses of beer and the delicious salty-looking snacks. I first visited the festival in 2009 with friends and had a great time, mixing with other German and Italian guests. Last year, J. and I decided to make the trip again - but this time with our 3 month old baby!! Yes, some people did think we were mad taking a baby to a beer festival but you can read about how we got on in the article below!

I decided to write this travel report as I came across a great website for travelling parents when I was researching our first holiday as a little family. We were planning to go to Cuba, but alas we chose the much more modest destination of Portugal.  I'm still dreaming of a Cuban adventure one day though.......


  1. Steph, we've never been!!! HAVE to try it one day, though.....

  2. I'd recommend it with combining a nice long weekend in Munich and visiting Neuschwanstein castle in nearby Füssen - the town and castle are breathtaking! x